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We produce in small batches to ensure a perfect balance between offering a variety of flavors and avoiding food waste. Cast your vote to add your favorite flavor.
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Meet our cupple family

cupple parlor


Premium cupple experience for ice cream lovers. Churned and frozen on the spot. 


Starting from €66,00

Get stocked! Order your cups and mix your favorite flavors in a box. Our cups can be stored in a dry spot for up to 6 months. Free delivery as from 36 cups.

Taste it first

In addition to your exclusive tasting event, this also serves as a €20 deposit to your cupple ice cream parlor. One step closer to your very own parlor.

Have the coolest office by 2022 ... with cupple

Surprise your colleagues and clients by adding a cupple experience to your office. Make an unforgettable impression at the next team brainstorm, event or visit.