A circular way of rolling out our products

Counter food waste

At cupple, our team expands the assortment of flavors as the cupple community grows. We produce in small batches to ensure a perfect balance between offering a variety of flavors and avoiding food waste.

Quality and recyclability

Our team believes in the circular way of rolling out our products by keeping two key principles in mind: quality and recyclability. The cupple parlor is maintenance friendly and easy to fix. It has been designed with refurbishment in mind and for recycling by using mono-materials. We have been innovating to switch up our plastic, single-use ice cream cups for reusable stainless steel cups that you can refill with the Cupple Ice liquid formula. The result? Less waste, more sustainability and an even better Cupple experience.

Made with fair labour in mind

With our cupple parlor we ensure the highest quality and we also like to give back to society. Our product process combines skilled labour of our experts with final assembly handled by a non-profit organisation. This way we give differently abled people a place to work.