Meet the smallest ice cream parlor ever.

Experience freshly churned ice cream at home.
Our velvety ice cream tastes like you scooped it right out of the artisan's ice cream maker. Launching spring 2022.
pre-order now €699

Churn sorbet in a wink

Pour the liquid into your reusable Cupple cup
Prepare as instructed by the machine
Use the right parlor setting to obtain the best result.

Your flavors

We produce in small batches to ensure a perfect balance between offering a variety of flavors and avoiding food waste. Cast your vote to add your favorite flavor.
Coming soon
Coming soon

Meet our cupple family

cupple parlor


Premium cupple experience for ice cream lovers. Churned and frozen on the spot.

Cupple parlor Promo


Premium cupple ervaring voor ijsliefhebbers. Ter plekke gekarnd en bevroren. Tijdelijk € 799 inclusief 32 gratis porties sorbet.


Starting from €99,00

4 delicious flavors of premium sorbet. All natural. Churned a home. Keep refrigerated.

Taste it first

In addition to your exclusive tasting event, this also serves as a €20 deposit to your cupple ice cream parlor. One step closer to your very own parlor.

Have you ever tasted real ice-cream?

Pre-order your Cupple Parlor now and get it delivered by spring 2022.