Have you ever tasted real ice cream?

A natural, liquid base

Real ice cream starts with a liquid base. We mix locally sourced ingredients into a liquid and seal it into cups. Our products can be stored for up to six months, no freezer needed.

Churned & frozen on the spot

Freshly churned ice cream means you churn it when you decide to have it. And guess what? Cupple does exactly that for you by churning the liquid base into fresh ice cream in just a couple of minutes.

Indulge with your favorite toppings

Cupple cups are a delicious base to which you can freely add your favorite toppings and personalize your cupple ice cream. A couple of different flavors will take you a loooong way. Enjoy!
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Natural ingredients

Our simple, natural ingredients ensure the rich, pure taste of our ice cream without the use of any preservatives.

ABOUT OUR Ingredients

Natural ingredients

Vegan flavours

No preservatives

Your flavors

Our team expands the assortment of flavors as the cupple community grows. We produce in small batches to ensure a perfect balance between offering a variety of flavors and avoiding food waste. So cast your vote to add new flavors!







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Centuries of tradition into a cup

Our simple, natural ingredients ensure a rich, pure taste of our ice cream without any preservatives.
Fresh milk from Flemish
and Dutch cows
Pure fruit - grown in country of origin, have the best flavors and vivid colors
In combination with sugar made from Belgian sugar beets
From farm to factory
Mixed natural ingredients into one liquid
Heated to avoid the need to add preservatives
Liquid immediately filled into your cup,
perfectly ready for your own cupple parlour