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From father to daughter

Ice cream is in our DNA. Since 1989, our family has opened 46 artisanal ice cream parlors, most of them in Belgium. Now we would like to open the smallest parlor you could possibly imagine, the one on your kitchen counter.

From parlor to kitchen

We partnered with Belgium’s finest engineers to find out how we could recreate the same taste, texture and quality you get in our artisanal ice cream parlors. We designed a machine with maximum thermal transfer and came up with a custom designed spatula to scrape our fast-freezing fluid from the cup’s surface.

From idea to working machine

We did it! After creating a couple of working prototypes and iterating on the usability of the machine, we came up with the first version we really believe in, one where you can freeze and churn two cups at the same time in just a couple of minutes. A dream coming true.

A story of passion

My father and I have been working for years to open the smallest fresh ice cream parlor we could ever imagine: the one on your kitchen countertop. This way, we’d love to bring our family heritage of ice cream craftsmanship to your home.

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