"Remember that great ice cream?"

Think about it. Where and when did you have the best ice cream of your life? What was so good about it? It’s silky smoothness? It’s fabulous flavor? It’s freshness? All of the above? Now, was it a supermarket variety that was stocked in a shop freezer and then kept in your freezer at home for a while longer?

If you’re like us – and like most people – the latter is not the case. Read why. It’s quite simple. The freezing required for transportation from the ice cream factory to the supermarket and again in your home simply breaks down taste. Through an inevitable natural process called crystallization*. Freshly made ice cream is smoother and tastes fresher too. It has a wonderfully creamy texture and delicious taste. And that’s really awesome.

Now imagine being able to enjoy such fresh ice cream whenever you fancy it… Read on. We promise you will just love what you discover.

How about some freshly churned homemade ice cream?

Yes, because on top of the benefits of freshness, you can now enjoy ice cream made with the same quality ingredients your favorite ice cream artisan uses.

The industrial food system, that manufactures supermarket ice cream, is built for scale and efficiency, not for optimal flavor and enjoyment. Furthermore, it is filled with lots of air. Up to 50% of its volume.

At Cupple, we select only top-quality ingredients. Because the integrity of our product is everything and perfect texture is our obsession. That’s why we don’t any air to your Cupple ice cream. Just honest & high-quality ingredients.

Really fresh ice cream. Real flavor. Real indulgence.

In order to allow you to enjoy the best and freshest ice cream whenever you feel like it, we mix carefully selected ingredients into a liquid and seal it into single serving cups. You can store these for up to six months, without (!) freezing them. As easily as you keep your milk.

Your Cupple Ice cream makers churns and freezes the liquid into freshly made ice cream on demand. Just imagine the thrill of it: always enjoying freshly made ice cream, exactly when you fancy it, without having to leave home.

You can't buy happiness. But freshly churned homemade Cupple ice cream, is almost the same.

*Technically the reason for this is called crystallization. Ice crystallization is an important factor that determines ice cream's final quality. The initial ice crystals are formed in the freezer barrel and then grow during hardening and storage.

Have you ever tasted real ice-cream?

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