How to store ice cream?

Most people store ice cream in the main part of their freezer. However once an ice cream hits the freezer, it is no longer as fresh as it was and there is a very large chance your ice cream starts to immediately crystallise.

Next the creaminess and flavour of your ice cream will slowly disappear and will eventually have adopted the taste of everything else in your freezer. Yummy!

We know from experience that freshly churned ice cream is the best in terms of flavour. So if you really want to enjoy tasty ice cream, you would have to go to your local ice cream artisan. Where the ice cream is churned on the spot.

Say goodbye to crystallisation

To avoid your ice cream crystallising we focused on one main goal: the combination of top quality ingredients and churning them on the spot. The moment you want to eat an ice cream, that’s the moment you have to churn it.

No more freezer needed. Yes, that's right!

Freshly churned ice cream
on demand. 

There are currently no convenient appliances that make freshly churned ice cream on a small scale. Until Cupple arrived.

Real ice cream starts with
a natural, liquid base.

We mix locally sourced ingredients into a liquid and seal it into cups. These cups can be stored for up to six months, no freezer needed. No crystallisation possible.
Yes, you read that right.

Our Cupple Ice cream machine is going to churn and freeze the liquid into an ice cream. It's simply physics. It will never be ice cream before it arrives at your home. It will only be an ice cream a few minutes after you have decided you were ready for a delicious cup of ice cream. 

Have you ever tasted real ice-cream?

Pre-order your Cupple Parlor now and get it delivered by spring 2022.